Wednesday, August 17, 2011

my mother miss you mom


  1. Allah bibi g ko janat main aala makam de
    kash in ki gagha main hota kash

  2. We all love our great leader and sister.A beautiful life does not just happen.It builds with prayers,truth sincerity,sacrifice and love.May a beautiful life always b urs.

  3. Assalam o Allikum
    Muhtarma Benazir Bhutto was great lady leader of Pakistan she had a great leadership being as a lady, Pakistan got many respect just because of Muhtarma,but her husband Mr.Zardari many unrespect got to paksistan, now if she presents in pak govt,than I assure pakistan never become in this position.she had loyal,dedicated,truly,strongly woman may Allah give bless her soul.ameen.
    Taha Usmani

  4. We really miss u great BB. Pakistan is in all sorts of deep troubles. We really need u. Kash App Zinda Hoti....
    Syed Alam Orakzai

  5. thank you so much for sharing such a wonderful picture
    faith is more stronger than what we see
    she would be in for as long as life because she is shaheed who never die?
    so smile for her and implement her vision on ground for the people of pakistan.

  6. We also missed ur mother and our beloved leader

  7. Asifa aap BB Shaheed ki tasveer O. Zinda heh BB zinda heh. Nyc pic

  8. Asifa u r simply superb as bibi sahiba was.....can ve chat online someday plz????

  9. Dear Asifa

    I Have requested to new invention (treatment) of sugar surgery in Britian to bring that first time in Pakistan. It will great achievment U are already doing work for Polio, and this will greatest achivment. plz do any thing to bring that technology in Pakistan for the blessing on Pakistan Naiton.


    Nazim Tahir
    0301-528 99 59