Saturday, August 31, 2013

we still miss you S.M.B.B


  1. you all seem so cute and adorable.
    Allah bless you and your family, respect and Honour for ASIF SAHIB.

  2. To,
    Bilawal butto zardari
    Chair person
    Pakistan PPP
    Bilawal house
    Karachi Pakistan
    Subject: Request for the Assistance in the Calibration of Mohtrma Shaheed Benazir Butto Badin Sindh
    Respected Sir,
    Bright future social welfare organization Badin sindh Pakistan working on health ,education, environment, advocacy for democracy, high light the problem of humanity such as especially minority in Pakistan beside this I have also wrote a letter in your honor on _________ through TCS # ___________ but no reply given to me.
    Sir I am aged about 67 and due to good work in party zulfqar Ali butto chairman give me a job in last 1975 in Islamabad know I am retired officer but stale working for PPP.
    That shaheed rani benuzir butto goat shahadad on 27/12/2007 from which day we are celebrating shahadeed day every year as distribute food, water ,cloth among the poor the PPP worker and has given a name sabeel.
    That in 27/12/2013 want to celebrate sabeel on her shahadeed but due to shortage a funds we need fallowing items.
    Items Name Rs/=
    1) suger 5 bags 30,000.00
    2) jamisharen 100 botals 16,000.00
    3) food 5000 packet 2,50000.00
    4) paneflax poster 20,000.00
    5) PPP flags 5000 50,000.00
    6) Decoration ,echo sound , benuzir speech CDs 25,000.00
    7) Media coverage 12,000.00
    8) Total 40,3000.00
    Keeping in view of above fact if its possible then kindly help us as a shelter of our nation.
    Copy to: Thanks
    Syed qaim Ali shah CM and president PPP sindh yours obediently
    D M Maharaj
    # 03323289497

  3. Shahadeed Day Of Mother Of Democracy

    Bright future social welfare organization is leading NGO in advocacy such as minority rights, women right, child rights, old age person right, and fighting against education for all, health facility for all in which environment, democracy , socio economic mankind. This NGO is celebrating death day on shahadeed of benazir Bhutto 27/12/2008 to 27/12/2013. BFSWO conduct exhibition statue of Moterma Benuzir Butto in expo center Karachi, sindh museum Hyderabad, cultural exhibition at tando mohommad khan and same at mirpokhas then the statue was gifted to Bilawal Butto Zardhari through Dr Famida Mirza Speeker National assembly of Pakistan And Tokir Fatima Butto which is placed in bilawal house Karachi its greet sacrifices of D M Maharaj and government of sindh. Social sector arrange whole day sabel of water, food, cloth, will be distribute in the all poor man, women, children and speeches of Zulfqar Ali Butto, Benazir Butto, Bilawal Butto Zardari will be sounded among the all nation, with on sources same day in city of Badin will be decorated with the flags of PPP.
    The statue awareness is greet success and we want continue this movement through out the world and desire and suggest that why not those statue can replace in the world level museum where democratic can remember our Pakistani nation.
    Keeping in above facts all workers, MPA, MNA, senator and member of provincial and central committees of PPP or requested in this regard and same policy may please be adopt through out Pakistan. Hope that suitable suggestion will be awarded in this regard.
    D M Maharaj
    Badin sindh Pakistan

  4. my father death in feb 2016 i did exam in may 2016 of class 12 can you give me any job my 12 class result annouced in october 2016 and i have 1 disable sister i live in pakistan and my province name is sindh after my father death plzzz help me i dont want beggar life and i dont want to live with my sister in orphan ngos shelter . after my father death my sibling can't tolerate my studies if anyone give me and my disable sister save place to live and i can do for them all house work and servant of house and give me university schlorship thank u soo much . actually after my father death my elder sibling take my father house so i feel am totally homeless now i live in badin